Reconditioning of Exhaust Valves and Valve Saddles

Using our own technology,we restore alluminum alloy pistons of any standard sizes with and without cast iron inserts applying argon arc semi-automatic welding on a special welding installation.

The process includes:

  • cleaning, fault detection, preliminary machining to remove the old stellite, burnt out and defective metal;

  • automatic surfacing using welding wires from heat and erosion resistant steel of the valve fire-portion, seat and valve working portion sublayer (the seat joining surfaces are surfaced with the use of low alloyed welding wire);

  • automatic surfacing with powder welding wires of stellite and nimonic materials according to the manufacturer’s instructions;

  • thermal treatment;

  • finish machining, grinding of the seat and valve sealing belts, ensuring the building sizes and tolerances;

  • the final verification, preservation, and packing.

The Firm makes reconditioning of seats and valves of medium and high-speed diesel engines by depositing nimonic class materials.

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