Industrial corrosion-resistant tanks, tanks installation by our company with reasonable prices.

Tank equipment and piping made to order, installation of tanks at our site.

The company realizes design, manufacturing and installation of any tanks and units with mixing devices, filling tanks and various metalware - mainly for the enterprises of food industry (oil / fat, beer / kvass, coffee / chocolate, milk / dairy products etc.), chemical and paint and varnish industry, manufacturers of household chemicals, cosmetics pharmaceutical preparations, refrigerating equipment, systems for storage, preparation and treatment of water. The nomenclature of manufactured products includes tanks and devices having capacity 0,05 to 100 m3, for pressure up to 1,5 МPа, and also filling tanks of capacity up to 1000 m3.

Tanks and units with mixing devices may be manufactured with the cases for heating (cooling) of working fluid, heat-insulating casings, internal or external coils. The mixers are installed of the types necessary for the customer: frame-construction, anchor, rotary, propeller, milling etc.

High-quality imported stainless steels (AISI 304L, 321, 316, 316Ti, 904L), carbonaceous, low-alloyed and special steels, aluminum and titan based alloys are used as materials for the tanks and units. Customized motor - reducers are used for drives of mixers units. The products are equipped high-quality components (hatches, fittings, fixtures, gauges) of leading manufacturers.

Tanks and mixing equipment manufactured by the company have all necessary certificates of conformity and hygienic ones. If necessary, we approve them in corresponding authorities for application in some dangerous productions. The tanks may be manufactured both under drawings, and under project statements or sketches of the Customer.

Under the arrangement with the Customer, we organize delivery of the manufactured products to their operation site, installation and mounting. Outsized tanks (diameter more than 5 м) or which do not correspond to the size of structure openings at the sites of the Customer, may be fabricated from the components by our assembly divisions directly at site of installation.

We shall consider promptly your application, if necessary, we shall precise the parameters of the product, we shall make calculation of cost of the tanks and mixing equipment in view of its steel intensity and labor content, and in the minimum terms we shall prepare and we shall send you commercial offer.

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