Other work

We also perform welding works of any degree of complexity under orders of the industrial enterprises and private persons.

  • Performance of filler repair works (axis, shaft, rods etc.);

  • Filler repair of stop valve elements, for example, valve shutters;

  • Plasma cutting allows producing of any metals cutting up to 50 mm thick in automatic and manual mode.

  • Cooking of metals with complex chemical composition and unsatisfactory weldability;

  • Welding in any attitude position with good weld penetration and formation of welded seam

  • Welding of thick-walled products - up to 60 mm;

  • Welding of the products when it is required to provide minimum welding voltage and deformations;

  • Welding of the aluminum alloy products apt to hot and cold cracks;

  • Welding when minimum heating of product is required;

Repair and reconstruction of machines and mechanisms parts is always urgent. Modern welding technologies and materials allow not only reconstruction of a part or a product, but also improvement of operational properties

The company is ready to perform the works for geometrical dimensions reconstruction and increase of working capacity in a component of any complexity made of steel, CAST IRON, ALUMINUM, TITAN and other nonferrous metals alloys.

The companys specialists treat reconstruction of any component in individual way proceeding from nature and reasons of defects occurrence. Thats why, inspection for likely defects, comprehensive metallographic and macrostructural examination should be performed before the reconstruction of each component.

Description of the interesting works, conducted by our firm, you can get HERE.

Stainless steel

Cast iron

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