Reconditioning of Cylinder Covers

We restore steel cylinder covers of marine diesel engines replacing or reconditioning the combustion chamber and renewing distance sleeves with the new ones. By surfacing and machining to the building sizes of all joining and sealing surfaces.

The process includes:

  • cleaning, fault detection, removal of the lower section of the bottom by gas flame cutting and machining;

  • cleaning, fault detection, cracks beveling and welding up from the interior of the cover;

  • surfacing of places for welding and preparation of parts for welding by means of machining; assembly of parts;

  • preliminary heating, welding of a root seam by manual argon arc welding, filling of the seam beveling by automatic welding;

  • manufacturing and installation of new distance pieces and their welding at the base;

  • finish machining, hydraulic tests, and preservation.

Covers of medium speed diesel engines, having drilled out openings for cooling liquid and two shells, that define a single cooling cavity, are reconditioned on the following scheme: replacement of the shells from corrosion resistant steel with new ones; cleaning of the openings for water passage; removal of corrosion and welding up of local cracks of the water cavity; reconditioning to the building sizes of landing and joining shoulders of cover; hydraulic tests, verification of the sizes and preservation.

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